Lower School

Welcome to the Charlotte Latin Lower School.

First, meet Director of Admissions Mary Yorke Oates ’83 and learn more about what makes Latin so special. Then, take a virtual walk through a few Lower School classrooms, run across the playground, hear from our youngest musicians, and more.

Click the blocks below to change locations on your virtual tour. To navigate the 360º rooms: 1) click and hold and drag to turn around, or 2) click the directional arrows at the bottom of the rooms to move.

Kindergarten Classroom with Mrs. Dannemann
Kindergarten Classroom with Mrs. Austin
Grade 4 Classroom with Mrs. Smith
Grade 5 Classroom with Ms. Keith
Lower School Playground
LS Art
LS Library
LS Music
Extended Day

Kindergarten Classroom with Mrs. Dannemann

Learn more about our Lower School Phonics and Math programs.