Return to Campus Plan

2020-21 Academic Year

A Safe Start: Orientation and Safety Procedure Training

We will acclimate students to the new procedures and schedules during the period from August 19, 2020 to Labor Day. Routines for the balance of the school year will be established based on this initial period. Our aim is to minimize student and teacher anxiety due to the numerous changes, and slowly build from a foundation of shared understanding.

A Healthy Community — A Shared Responsibility

The key to our safe return to campus is ensuring that everyone in our community understands and commits to following the health and safety guidelines outlined in the plan. Keeping our campus healthy and able to “do school” is only possible if, as a community, we commit to support and uphold a healthy campus environment. With everyone’s understanding and cooperation, we have a much better chance of minimizing the risk and maintaining a healthy environment for our students, faculty and staff, families, and the larger community.

Our approach for the return to campus is comprehensive, with strategies for the individual student, the learning environment, and the campus.

Thank you to The Wheeler School for allowing us to use portions of this graphic from their plan.

When to Stay Home, Arriving at School, Quarantine

The Risk Matrix and Data-based Decision Making

Decisions regarding the mode of instruction are based on a Risk Matrix, similar to what was used in the spring to determine the school’s response to the spread of COVID. The Risk Matrix identifies risk based on a variety of factors including city, state, and federal guidelines and directives, the percentage of students attending school, the R0 rate, and other incidence indicators. The Risk Matrix is created by the COVID-19 Response Team, an adjunct team of the Crisis Response and Safety Team. We will share the Risk Matrix with you in August.

Please familiarize yourself with the risk levels. The risk level will be posted on the login page to MyLatin, on the MyLatin portals, and at temperature screening stations. If risk levels change, we will notify you directly via email and we will post it on the new PANDEMIC news feed. Please sign up for alerts for this feed to receive notifications of such news posts.

Please note that risk levels and their associated teaching modalities may be combined, e.g., Lower School may be at Yellow (in-person learning) at the same time that Middle and Upper School students are in Orange (hybrid learning). Our period of Remote Learning in spring 2020 revealed unique challenges for Lower School students when they are unable to engage with teachers and peers in person. Maintaining safe in-person instruction for Lower School is therefore a priority. This flexibility allows for Lower School to be in-person as much as possible.

Teaching and Learning

Division Overviews

Teaching and Learning Technologies

Family Support

We are committed to supporting our families with before- and after-care at all risk levels with the exception of Red/Remote Learning.


Facilities Campus Cleaning

Read about the daytime and nighttime cleaning routines, bus cleaning, and the products and equipment used to keep our campus clean and safe.

Campus Signage

Charlotte Latin will conform to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services requirements for signage and post signage throughout campus including:

  • Safe distancing floor markers (4’ and 6’)
  • Healthy Hawk Habit posters
  • How to Stop the Spread signs
  • Everyday Protective Measures signs
  • Face Coverings Reminder signs
  • Enter / Exit / one-way signs
  • Directional arrows
  • Capacity signage for common areas
  • Seating markers for common areas (picnic tables, Learning Commons in MLC, waiting areas)
  • Entrance signs indicating campus hours
  • Screening stations
  • Risk level identification
  • Plexi shields for reception areas

Tuition, Fees, and Assistance

If you have been economically affected by COVID-19, please contact Chris Downing, Director of Financial Aid.

For all questions regarding tuition and fees, please contact Fletcher Gregory, Associate Head of School and Chief Financial Officer.


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Dawn Hull, Lower School
Jenny Greathouse, Middle and Upper School
Jean Asinger, Middle and Upper School

Division Heads

Mark Tayloe, Lower School
Todd Ballaban, Middle School
Lawrence Wall, Upper School

Chuck Baldecchi, Head of School
Fletcher Gregory, Associate Head of School, Chief Financial Officer
Sonja Taylor, Assistant Head of School for K–12 Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, and Strategic Initiatives


  • Chuck Baldecchi, Head of School – Team Leader
  • Jean Asinger, School Nurse, MS and US – Prevention, Record Keeping, Mecklenburg County Health Department Contact, CDC Contact
  • Todd Ballaban, Head of Middle School
  • Susan Carpenter, Director of Marketing and Communications – Communications
  • Bill Freitas, Chief Technology Officer – Academic Continuity
  • Dr. Topher Gee, Upper School Biology Teacher
  • Major Dale Greene, Director of Safety & Security – Crisis Response and Safety
  • Fletcher Gregory, Associate Head of School, Chief Financial Officer – Legal and Facilities
  • Beth Lucas, Director of Human Resources
  • Mark Tayloe, Head of Lower School
  • Dr. Sonja Taylor, Assistant Head of School for K–12 Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, and Strategic Initiatives
  • Lawrence Wall, Head of Upper School
  • Kelly Willis, Director of Global Studies