Leadership was an important part of Latin's Founders' vision for the school in 1970, and it continues to be a Core Value.

Charlotte Latin Leads with Honor is a comprehensive leadership program created in cooperation with the Center for Creative Leadership that runs through Lower, Middle and Upper Schools.

Led by aluma, Ann Thompson Brock '81, Charlotte Latin Leads with Honor is an intentional program, woven into Latin culture, bringing leadership attributes and vocabulary into our students' everyday lives. The four focus areas are: Honors Self, Honors Others, Honors Learning and Honors Leading.

Making a difference is a Latin expectation. Through our leadership program, students are asked to embrace the uncomfortable and accept failures. They learn valuable life skills such as creative problem solving, teamwork, community building and trust.

When I was a student, leadership was focused on traditional roles – members of the Student Council, the lead in the play or the captain of the varsity team. It is important that we encourage leadership as a lifelong characteristic of our students and adhere to the concept of servant leadership as the ideal model. It might not come naturally at first and we should give each and every student the opportunity to try it on.

Ann Brock ’81, Director of Leadership Development

Leadership in Action

Eighth Grade Physical Education

The Task: Build a sustainable fort in the woods using landscape flags, twine, safety gloves and a whistle. The groups were allowed to request three additional items , e.g., a tarp, tape or scissors.

Timeframe: 13 sessions during P.E. class

How: Work as a team in groups of 10 to conceptualize, design and construct an outdoor fort while assuming different roles such as architect, project manager, inventory manager and weather forecaster

Results: Some of the skills the students exercised were adaptability, compromise, listening, decision making, deliberation, discussion and resilience. The project included daily reflections that identified successes and failures, as well as opportunities and challenges.

Student Athletic Leadership Team (SALT)

SALT is a group of non-captain juniors and seniors from each varsity team who meet monthly to discuss how they can best serve as leaders in their teams and for fellow students. Led by Assistant Athletic Director, Deb Savino, with Ann Brock as one of the advisors, SALT students set the monthly meeting agenda. Topics discussed include addressing teammates not "pulling their weight," approaching coaches respectfully and encouraging fellow students to support less well-attended athletic events. The topics led to the creation of initiatives by Brock.

SALT members were trained to lead their peers through implementation of the initiatives, taking the first step in leading their teams to solutions. Students learned how to debrief and discuss the initiatives' application to their teams and others at School.