Programs & Community Engagement

Learning is not confined to classrooms at Latin. It happens all over our 128-acre campus and throughout our community. Latin programs support and educate our students, parents, and the larger Charlotte community through innovative programs, clubs, initiatives, and departments.

Advisory Program

Middle School
To provide the reassurance and foster the acceptance that is so important to young adolescents, each Middle School student is a member of an advisory group, which is led by a faculty advisor. Within this small, cohesive group, students celebrate birthdays, plan community service projects, set personal goals, develop skills for positive decision-making, and discuss sensitive topics, such as peer pressure. Advisory groups participate in intramural games that encourage camaraderie and good sportsmanship.

Upper School
Each Upper School student continues to receive individual guidance from his or her faculty advisor. After initially working with special freshman advisors, students select their advisors during the spring semester of their freshman years, and these relationships continue throughout their high school years. Advisors guide students' decisions about course selections and serve as important mentors who appreciate each advisee's goals, interests, and needs.