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Student Digital Wellness

CLS faculty, administration, and Parents’ Council have partnered to promote Digital Wellness in our student body as part of the Student Wellness component of the current strategic plan, Latin Leads. Digital Wellness refers to the ways a student’s physical, mental, and emotional health is connected to technology use, and age-appropriate digital education is a known factor in improving overall well-being. Digital Wellness lessons and activities take place in all three CLS divisions and rely on the curricular materials developed by Common Sense Media and The Social Institute. Every year in April, students in all grades participate in various screen-time reduction activities designed to help students take control of their recreational screen use.

Digital Wellness Parent Events

This year, select Parent Education events are being designed to support our focus on student Digital Wellness. These events will all involve a mix of presentations and discussions intended to help parents manage age-appropriate issues with their children's technology use. These events are open to all parents, even though the first three are divisionally focused on age-appropriate issues. 

MS Parents-completed Sept. 29

Upper School Parents
October 18 at 8:30 a.m. Forum

Lower School Parents
Date TBD, Early 2024

K–12 Parents
April 16, 2024, at 7:00 p.m.
Thies Auditorium


For more information on these programs, contact:

Alan Becker
US English Instructor
US EdTech-Digital Citizenship Coordinator



List of Linked Videos and Articles about Digital Wellness-use these tools with your family members!

Slides from US Parent Ed Presentation on Digital Wellness

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