Dress Codes

At Charlotte Latin School, our students do not wear uniforms. However, we do have a dress code for each division. Certain days throughout the year require "Special Dress" and other days we allow students to dress more casually. See below for dress codes by division.

Lower School Dress Code

The goal of the Lower School Dress Code is to have a student body that is neat in appearance and is appropriately dressed. For students, school is their place of work, and we expect them to come dressed for school and not for play. Sometimes the School needs to make a subjective decision regarding the appropriateness of dress. The following guidelines will be in effect for all students:

1. All clothing should be clean, in good repair, and fit properly. (no frayed ends, cutoffs, holes in clothes, and no clothing that is excessively baggy, excessively tight, or bares the midriff)

2. Footwear: Socks and traditional athletic tennis shoes (no light up shoes) must be worn every day to ensure safety at P.E. and on the playground. For students in Grades 1-5, shoes must have hand-tied laces (no Velcro or elastic laces). TK and K students must wear sturdy, traditional athletic shoes with either hand-tied (not elastic) laces or secure Velcro strapping. All students must have sturdy, athletic shoes in order to participate in P.E. and play on the playground.

3. Shirts: Students must wear collared, crew, or v-neck shirts. Tank, thin strap, racer back, and off the shoulder shirts are not allowed. Jerseys, athletic tops and t-shirts with commercialized printing and writing (with the exception of a small pocket logo) are not allowed. Shirts with appliqués and monograms are allowed.

4. Jeans may be worn to school. Sweatsuits, sweatpants, windpants and athletic shorts are not allowed.

5. Hair must be clean and well groomed. For boys: eyes, earlobes and collar must be visible. Boys may not wear earrings.

6. Camouflage and tie-dye clothing are not allowed.

7. Students may not wear hats or other head coverings, other than those that are an expression of faith, during the school day.

8. Girls TK-2: Leggings/jeggings, capri pants, shorts, skorts, skirts and dresses are permitted.

9. Girls 3-5: Capri pants, pants, skorts, and shorts are permitted. Shorts must have a 5 inch inseam or longer. Skirts or dresses must be mid-thigh length or longer Leggings/jeggings are permitted when worn with a skirt, dress or tunic top that is mid-thigh length or longer.

10. Boys: Shirttails are to be tucked in. Belts must be worn by boys in Grades 1-5 if belt loops are present. Elastic waist shorts (not athletic shorts) are also allowed.

All outerwear should be clearly labeled.

On Soar Days, Lower School students may dress more casually than what is normally allowed. Students have the freedom to choose what they would like to wear as long as the clothing is in good taste, in good repair, and follows the guidelines below.

T-shirts with appropriate logos (shirts do not have to be tucked in)
Shorts or pants without a belt
Team jerseys or athletic shorts
Note: Students must wear athletic shoes.

Short shorts
Backless dresses or tops
Spaghetti straps
Halter tops or midriff bearing tops
Face or hair paint

Middle School Dress Code

Middle School is an important stage of adolescent development when students seek to freely express themselves and push boundaries. While the Middle School administration recognizes and supports this desire for personal expression, it also believes that attire is a way to present oneself to the world. The administration also believes that what one wears in an academic setting should be more professional than what one wears at home. Additionally, our campus is open to parents and grandparents, alumni, prospective students and their families, potential donors, guest speakers, and members of the community. Appearance, therefore, matters.

Dressing appropriately for an educational setting reflects our values as individuals and as a community. In this spirit, Charlotte Latin School subscribes to the following dress guidelines for the Middle School:

  1. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
  2. Leggings, tights, yoga pants, pajamas, sweatpants, athletic shorts, jerseys and similar styles of clothing are not appropriate for the academic setting and shall not be worn to school. Leggings may be worn under skirts that are mid-thigh. Any shorts with elastic waistbands, including Patagonia shorts, are not permitted to be worn except on MS Spirit Days.
  3. Boys must wear a collared shirt or a Latin t-shirt. Small logos are permitted.
  4. Students are never permitted to wear clothing that is ripped, torn, or displaying any inappropriate images, language (for example, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual innuendos, etc.). Students are asked to avoid attire containing politically divisive messages.
  5. For safety reasons, students must wear shoes on campus at all times.
  6. Head coverings including hats, other than those worn as an expression of faith, shall not be worn during the school day.
  7. Tank tops are not permitted during school hours unless worn under a sweater, sweatshirt, etc.
  8. Sweatshirts are permitted provided the writing/logo is appropriate. CLS sweatshirts are encouraged.
Middle School Spirit Days

Periodically, students will be given more, but not unlimited, freedom in choosing their attire. On these days, announced by the administration and in conjunction with Student Council, students must adhere to the following guidelines:

• T-shirts with appropriate logos (i.e. sports logos) are permitted.

• Athletic shorts, which include Patagonia shorts, are permitted provided the shorts are respectable in length.

On certain days throughout the year, the MS Student Council will announce Spirit Days with themes and dress guidelines that have been vetted by the administration. Students and faculty are encouraged to participate.

Upper School Dress Code

Students not in compliance with the Dress Code are subject to after-school detention. Repeated violations will result in a more serious disciplinary response. All dress at Charlotte Latin should be appropriate, modest and in good taste. The same pride that permeates the wearing of athletic uniforms should also be exhibited during the school day.

The following specific rules are in effect:


• All clothing should be clean, in a good state of repair, and fit properly—no frayed ends or cutoffs, no holes in clothes. No clothing that is excessively baggy or tight.

• CLS t-shirts are permitted. Non-CLS t-shirts are not permitted.

• Infractions of the Dress Code can result in consequences ranging from after-school detention to suspension from school, with accompanying grading penalties for the unexcused absence.


• Girls may wear shorts, but with an inseam of at least 5”. Spandex wear and tight shorts are not acceptable. Skirts and dresses must follow similar guidelines.

• No athletic wear will be permitted in classes during the school day.

• All tops must have sleeves or straps measuring at least 2”. No strapless, one shoulder, or racer back tops are permitted, even if worn under a sweater or jacket.

• Undergarments must not be visible. Tops that show cleavage or midriffs are not allowed.

• Girls may not wear hats, caps, or other head coverings anywhere on campus during the school day, nor inside buildings at any time, unless it is as an expression of faith.

• Each student should groom herself carefully. There are to be no extremes of hair coloring. Girls may wear earrings, but other piercing adornments in evidence are prohibited.


• Boys are encouraged to tuck their shirttails into their pants.

• Boys must wear appropriate belts.

• Athletic outer garments such as gym shorts, jerseys and sweat pants are not permitted.

• Cargo pants, long or short, are not allowed.

• Boys must be clean shaven. Sideburns must not extend past the earlobe.

• Earrings and other piercing adornments in evidence are prohibited for boys.

• Boys may not wear hats, caps, or other head coverings, other than yarmulkes as an expression of faith, anywhere on campus during the school day, nor inside buildings at any time.

• Each student should groom himself carefully. Hair should be neat and clean and cut to a length that is off the collar and above the eyebrows. No headbands. No extremes of hair coloring.

• Infractions of the Dress Code can result in consequences ranging from after-school detention to suspension from school, with accompanying grading penalties for the unexcused absence.

Exceptions to the Dress Code for Upper School Students:

• Relaxed Dress: T-shirts and sweatshirts with college and professional team insignia are permitted in addition to CLS t-shirts. Any writing is limited to the team name or logo.

• Special Occasion Dress - Girls: Girls are to wear dresses, skirts, or nice slacks that are in accordance with the current Dress Code. No jeans, shorts, or tennis shoes are to be worn.

• Special Occasion Dress - Boys: Dress trousers or khakis, long-sleeve shirts, tucked, with button at wrist, and tasteful ties must be worn. Footwear should be appropriate for a dress occasion. No tennis shoes, sandals, etc.

• Off-Campus Dress: The general rule for any off-campus occasion in which one’s participation represents the School is “as nice or even nicer than during the school day.” Team dress will be prescribed by coaches and sponsors.