Why I Give

A hallmark of Charlotte Latin School is the strong and enduring relationships built among the members of the Latin community. Voluntary giving to the School is an extension of those relationships and is an illustration of the confidence in Charlotte Latin's mission and core values. Please read why some donors choose to support Latin:

"I had the good fortune of joining the faculty at Charlotte Latin School in 1990, turning down a couple of job offers at other highly-regarded independent schools in order to do so. Why did I choose Latin? After spending a day on campus, some important distinctions became crystal clear to me—the engagement of the students, the camaraderie among teachers, the beautiful campus, and of course, the connection I felt with Dr. Fox. Above all else, however, I saw Latin as an institution wholly dedicated to supporting excellence in teaching. Every facet of the School's organization and resources seemed channeled toward teachers. Time and time again, my experience of the past twenty-four years has confirmed that initial impression. Giving generously to The Latin Fund is an easy call. I have an annual opportunity to give something back to the students, parents, and colleagues who have enriched my life beyond measure. I see this as an investment to ensure that the next generation of teachers fortunate enough to land here will reap all the personal and professional benefits that I have, and our community of learning will continue to prosper as a result." –
Mike Weiss, CLS Alumni Distinguished Faculty Chair

"Every time I am on campus, I am so grateful that our three girls are there. Our daughters are very different from one another, and I am always somewhat surprised that the teachers find the best in each one of our girls and nurture that on a daily basis. The time the teachers take to help our daughters, one-on-one, builds not only their academic skills but their self-confidence. I don't know of another school that would embrace each of our daughters the way Latin does."
Jane and Trey Tune, parents of Ann Chandler '16, Ella '21, and Charlotte '26

"We support The Latin Fund because as consumers, it is a privilege for our children to receive such an impeccable education. As parents, we completely embrace Charlotte Latin's mission statement and core values. As a family, we believe in Latin and it is a pleasure to contribute to the continued success of the school." – Joycelyn and Michael Lavelle, parents of Ella '19, Cole '21, and Nina '22

"We give to Charlotte Latin so that others may have the same opportunities and positive experience we shared. The School's core focus on well-rounded traditional education, the caring dedication of faculty and staff, and the deep sense of community at Latin provided a rich and principled foundation for our success in life. This is only possible with the support of the whole Latin family. We are honored to help the school further its mission, enabling successive generations of students to grow intellectually and with a sense of civility and good character. We believe there is no better service to society than providing students—tomorrow's potential leaders—with knowledge, the ability to think critically, and the values of kindness, humility, and honor." – Peggy '96 and Charles '90 Thies

"Charlotte Latin helped shape my educational experience as a young adult and I know it has done the same for countless others. My husband and I would like to continue to see such an institution grow, thrive, and impact the lives of Charlotte's younger generation for years to come." – Stephanie '00 and Sean Ladley

"I did a lot of growing up at Latin; so much of who I am and what I value was solidified while I was there. But it was that personal growth paired with amazing resources from the School – dedicated teachers, coaches, and mentors, funding for programs I got to design, physical spaces, and unyielding support – that gave me the experience and confidence to succeed at the next level. I give back so that when the next Jalen walks in the door, the opportunity is still there to greet him. It's the little things that stood out, things no one had to do but did anyway – spending 'activity period' coaching me through a college decision, staying late to pick out music for a jazz quartet we wanted to start, donning a full 70s get-up for a dance, a birthday present, a hug after graduation. Now it's my turn to do a 'little thing' for someone else: give back to Latin." – Jalen Ross '11

Several members of the Charlotte Latin community chose to recognize four 2014 retirees – Ruthie Earp, Manetta Latham, Janice Privette, and Jean Skidmore – by making donations to the School in their honor. Their legacies continue on through the thousands of students, families, colleagues, and alumni on whom they have had an impact. The following sentiments were shared about the ladies:

"[Ruthie was great at] holding hands with Moms as their babies got sick at school. I still remember the call when one child sprayed whiteboard cleaner in his eyes… Ruthie comforted me with her calming 'It's going to be OK' mantra. I cannot count how many times she has probably said that to me! She is a true Latin treasure."
– Amy and Adam Riescher, parents of Avery '16 and Adam '19

"Without a doubt, Jean Skidmore had the most influence on my educational experience at Latin. Not only did she make learning Spanish enjoyable, but she encouraged me to grow every year. By the start of my senior year, I had taken every course available and was told there would be no more Spanish classes for me. Jean found a way to create a special class just for me and two other seniors so we could continue learning. The impact she had on my education and the encouragement I felt has greatly affected my journey since Latin!"
– Mrs. Bonnie Beaty Griffin '81