Endowment Giving

Endowed funds at Charlotte Latin have been established to honor legacies, to recognize the extraordinary impact the faculty has on students, to increase the breadth of diversity in the Latin community, to provide, in some cases, a CLS education to students who may otherwise not have this opportunity, and for many more reasons that honor people in this community – past and present. The significance of a named endowment is tremendous and is a great honor bestowed upon the recipient of any named grant or award. Charlotte Latin is grateful to the visionaries who enabled the following named endowments.

Click here to read why Mr. Charlie Wickham endowed the Wickham Award to enable Charlotte Latin students to travel internationally and learn about the world.

Market Values are as of December 31, 2018.

Alma Award

Inception Year: 2004

Market Value: $11,831

The Alma Award was established to honor the memory of Middle School students' parents who had passed away. This award is a reflection of the empathy, love, and dedication that parents give to their children. The Alma Award is given annually to a Middle School student who is caring, selfless, thoughtful, community- and family-minded, and compassionate.

2018 Recipient: Caroline McGirt

Alumni Endowment

Inception Year: 1990
Market Value: $1,822,307

Following its first Alumni Campaign in 1990, the Charlotte Latin Alumni Governing Board established the Alumni Endowment. The Alumni Governing Board works closely with the School in allocating Endowment funds to benefit the School with the ultimate mission of supporting faculty members. The proceeds currently fund the two Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Chairs, the highest honor given to a Latin faculty member, and support the annual Inlustrate Orbem Alumni Awards, which annually recognize and financially reward an outstanding teacher from each of the School's three divisions.

Distinguished Faculty Chairs

Richard Fletcher (Named in 2015)
Linda Coffman (Named in 2008)
Mike Weiss (Named in 2006)

2018 Inlustrate Orbem Award Recipients
Libby Cathcart (Lower School)
Jeff Wolfe (Middle School)
Chris Downing (Upper School)

Barnhardt Minority Scholarship Fund

Inception Year: 1993
Market Value: $109,169

The Barnhardt Minority Scholarship Fund was originally envisioned and established by members of the William M. Barnhardt, William B. Barnhardt, and R. Alan Barnhardt families in 1993. By making a significant difference in the lives of every Barnhardt Minority Scholar and their families, they are also sharing Latin's goal to increase diversity within the student population.

The Bob and Mindy '78 Jones Endowment

Inception Year: 2007
Market Value: $242,122

Bob and Mindy '78 Jones established the endowment in 2007 to provide financial support to deserving faculty members, particularly in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. An important goal of the Jones family is the continued attraction and retention of outstanding educators who will perpetuate the level of excellence that is the hallmark of the School. This endowment is accepting additional contributions.

Bob Patten Award

Inception Year: 1990
Market Value: $73,764

This award was established by family and friends in memory of Robert (Bob) A. Patten, Jr. who was Charlotte Latin's first football coach in 1974, Dean of Students, and a favorite history teacher. This award honors and remembers Mr. Patten and the values for which he stood: a spirit of integrity and self-discipline and a sense of community, responsibility and fair-mindedness. The award is presented to a rising senior at Latin's Upper School Honors and Awards Assembly each year. The award recipient is one who has a strong work ethic, exhibits qualities of good character, participates in the Latin athletic program, and serves as an exceptional example for his/her peers.

2018 Recipient: Will Anderson ’19

Carol G. Belk Fellowship Fund

Inception Year: 1982
Market Value: $2,075,950

This fund was established in 1982 by Irwin Belk in honor of his wife and Founding Trustee, Carol, to support Charlotte Latin's faculty by providing professional development opportunities such as postgraduate study and travel.

Class of ’95 Support Staff Awards

Inception Year: 1995
Market Value: $41,582

This fund was established by the CLS Class of ’95 to recognize a member of Latin's Administrative Staff, Support Staff and Plant Operations Staff for their outstanding job performance.

2018 Recipients
Carolyn Richardson
Kay Rigo
William Strickland

The Collins Lower School Scholarship Fund

Inception Year: 2011
Market Value: $472,758

Dr. Ken Collins, Upper School mathematics teacher and swim coach, pledged $500,000 to support financial assistance for Lower School students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Latin education, thereby increasing the School's diversity. Additional funds are being accepted to augment this endowment.

Ed Goode Endowed Chair

Inception Year: 2007
Market Value: $533,169

The Ed Goode Chair Fund was established by the family and friends of Latin's beloved alumnus Edward Goode '78 to honor his memory and legacy. Ed was a much-admired member and leader of his class who demonstrated remarkable character. This endowment honors an exceptional faculty member who flawlessly navigates teaching children with a variety of learning styles and consistently excels in his or her love of teaching.

Endowed Chairs

Lilla Austin, Kindergarten Teacher (Named in 2014)
Manetta Latham (Named in 2009, Retired in 2014)

The Edward E. Ford Faculty Professional Development

Inception Year: 1984
Market Value: $290,840

The mission of the Edward E. Ford Foundation is to strengthen and support independent secondary schools and to challenge and inspire them to leverage their unique talents, expertise and resources to advance teaching and learning throughout this country by supporting and disseminating best practice, by supporting efforts to develop and implement models of sustainability, and by encouraging collaboration with other institutions. In 1984, Charlotte Latin received its first grant from The Edward E. Ford Foundation to support faculty enrichment. In 2006, the School received an additional challenge grant to fund Faculty Professional Development. This challenge was matched 3:1, thanks to the generosity of the Latin community.

The Edward E. Ford Scholarship

Inception Year: 2000
Market Value: $245,240

In 1999-2000, The Edward E. Ford Foundation awarded a grant to Charlotte Latin School contingent on Latin's ability to raise additional funding that would match the grant 3:1. The purpose of the Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a student who meets academic standards, financial need, and good citizenship. The award continues with the student as long as he or she remains in good standing.

Elizabeth Price Van Every Scholarship Fund

Inception Year: 1999
Market Value: $295,337

This Fund was established by a generous bequest from Mrs. Elizabeth Price Van Every, a Latin grandparent, to help an academically and financially-qualified minority student attend the School. Mrs. Van Every's daughter and former Charlotte Latin Trustee, Nancy McLaurin, was instrumental in assisting Latin to bring her mother's vision for her legacy to reality. In doing so, Mrs. McLaurin helped further energize Latin's efforts to reach out to minority students to offer them a caring environment and an educational experience worthy of their intellectual capabilities.

Faculty Endowment

Market Value: $3,732,235

Charlotte Latin School is fortunate to attract the best and brightest faculty members who are highly committed to educating young minds. The student-teacher relationships born at Latin inspire the student body to go deeper, broader, and farther into their studies. To sustain this level of excellence in the classroom and to preserve the school culture and core values upon which it is based, the School continues to make faculty endowment a priority. The Faculty Endowment is one of Latin's original endowed funds. It has historically supported faculty needs and professional development.

Foundation for the Future Faculty Endowment

Inception Year: 2007
Market Value: $2,867,697

The Foundation for the Future Campaign began in 2006-2007 to fund capital improvements, including the Horne Performing Arts Center and additions to the Claudette B. Hall Lower School, and to grow Latin's endowment. The FFC Campaign prioritized part of the funds received for Faculty Endowment. Gifts and future pledges toward the Faculty Endowment total $2,000,000.

The Freno Scholarship

Inception Year: 2014
Market Value: $512,785

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freno, in honor of their parents, Steve and Vicki Luquire and Ken and Edie Freno, and in keeping with Proverbs 3:9, established the Freno Endowment in 2014. The primary purpose of the Endowment is to increase opportunities at Charlotte Latin by providing a full scholarship for a deserving Middle School child who demonstrates the academic ability, values and civic standards representative of Charlotte Latin School, and whose family demonstrates the need for substantial financial assistance.

Jane Bratton Spratt Awards

Inception Year: 1980
Market Value: $158,519

The Spratt endowment was established in 1980 by the McColl Family in memory of Jane Bratton Spratt, who was the mother of Latin alumni parent and grandparent Jane McColl. The Spratt Awards recognize and reward an outstanding teacher in each division who demonstrates excellence in the classroom and compassion for students.

2018 Recipients
Mary Ellen Reese (Lower School)
Kari Wimbish (Middle School)
Dave Cesa (Upper School)

John B. Stedman Memorial Teacher Recognition Endowment

Inception Year: 2002
Market Value: $124,570

The John B. Stedman Teacher Recognition Award Endowment was established by his family to honor the memory of John Branch Stedman. As an ardent advocate of education, Mr. Stedman was a member of the School's Founding Board of Trustees. He and his fellow Founders shared a passionate belief in a rigorous curriculum skillfully taught by gifted, dedicated, and caring teachers. The family's intent is to recognize and honor his vision by celebrating outstanding teachers and teaching at Charlotte Latin School.

2018 Recipient: Lisa Moreland (Lower School)

Malone Family Foundation Scholarship

Inception Year: 2006
Market Value: $2,041,109

The Malone Family Foundation was established by Dr. John Malone and his family to enable selected independent schools through the United States to provide tuition for the best and brightest students who would not otherwise be able to attend these schools. The Foundation funds The Malone Scholars Program, which is designed to provide optimal opportunities for deserving gifted students of limited financial means to prepare them to reach their potential.

Peter Hunt Fincher Scholarship Fund

Market Value: $607,686

The Peter Hunt Fincher Scholarship Fund was established in the late 1970s to early 1980s by Alumni Parent Maurice Fincher in memory of his son, Peter '76. An award is given to a student in the Junior Class who demonstrates leadership, friendship, good citizenship and an interest and proficiency in science. The award is to be used toward the recipient's tuition during his or her senior year.

Robison-Oates Counseling Endowment

Inception Year: 1991
Market Value: $1,005,512

The Robison-Oates Counseling Endowment was envisioned and established by John H. Robison, Jr. and his family. He valued every aspect of the student, including one's well-being, and wanted to ensure that Charlotte Latin School provided support throughout a student's tenure at CLS. This endowment inaugurated the position of Lower School Counselor.

R.T. Dooley/Matthew 25 Scholarship Fund

Inception Year: 2000
Market Value: $362,086

Established and funded in 2000-2001 by the R.T. Dooley family, this fund's vision is to provide financial assistance to deserving Middle and Upper School students thereby affording them the opportunity to attend Charlotte Latin School. The spirit of the Dooley family's generosity is captured in excerpts from the Bible, specifically the Gospel of Matthew 25:35: "… for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…" and "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me."

Rutherford Humanitarian Award

Inception Year: 1995
Market Value: $18,220

This award was established by history and economics teacher Jim Rutherford and his family in 1995. It recognizes members of Latin's faculty and staff who demonstrate a genuine concern and commitment to the needs of others outside the classroom.

2018 Recipient: Leigh Boice (Upper School)

Steve Howard Excellence in Coaching Award

Inception Year: 2004
Market Value: $62,814

This award was established by Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Cockerham, Sr. and their families. It was named in honor of Steve Howard, Latin's deeply admired and long-time varsity swim coach and Lower School physical education teacher. This award recognizes excellence in coaching as personified, modeled, and practiced by Coach Howard.

2018 Recipient: Laura Thomsen

Wickham Award

Inception Year: 1981
Market Value: $118,397

Established in 1981 and managed by the Charles Wickham family, this endowment funds a unique annual award for a Charlotte Latin School graduating senior. The recipient is given a check for $5,000 upon graduation from college, provided that he or she earns a Baccalaureate Degree within five years of graduating from Latin. It is the hope of the family that the money will be used for travel and will support the recipient during his or her exploration of the future.

2018 Recipient
Mallory Evans

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship

Inception Year: 1998
Market Value: $120,927

In 1998 and 1999, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation awarded Charlotte Latin School two grants to endow the William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a student who meets academic, financial need and good citizenship criteria. The award continues with the student as long as he or she remains in good standing.