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Charlotte Latin School
Middle School & Upper School Activity Bus Registration

Fee: $285 Per Athletic Season
If you are paying for a round trip regular bus fare, the activity bus will be free.

Is your student registered to ride a round trip bus?​​


I understand that in submitting this Transportation Reservation for the coming academic year I am agreeing to accept the rules and provisions of Charlotte Latin Schools, Inc., as it pertains to bus transportation, including payment of fees.

This is to indicate further that we release, hold blameless, and exonerate Charlotte Latin School from any liability which may occur from the use of transportation services. I further understand and acknowledge that Charlotte Latin Schools, Inc. relinquishes responsibility of the student rider once the student rider is off the bus.

Please type in your full name, address, and today's date on the signature line below. This shall constitute your signature in acceptance of this Bus Agreement and certifies that you have read the Agreement and understand it.