Varsity Cross Country


Both the Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country teams finished 3rd in the CISAA Championship in 2017. The top runner for the boys was rising senior Rob Schleusner who finished 6th in 16:41.56. The girls’ top finisher was rising senior Ellie Beuley, who also finished 6th in 20:02.35. At the NCISAA Championship, the boys finished 7th and the girls’ team finished 4th.


Opponent Date Time Advantage Details Score Status
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Name Grade
Ellie Beuley (captain) 12
William Kressner (captain) 12
Olivia Lowe (captain) 12
Rob Schleusner (captain) 12
Madison Sellers (captain) 12
Connor Sweet (captain) 12
Jimmie Anderson 12
Carter Barlow 11
Grant Barlow 10
Walden Becker 9
Carter Bell 12
Brooke Bellavia 9
Helena Berens 9
Ben Bridges 9
Andrew Chang 10
Maret Claytor 9
Isabel Crews 12
Daniel Cunnane 11
Chace Davis 9
Alexis Delobelle 11
Charley Denny 11
Marion Donald 11
Bennett Eastridge 9
Cam Egan 9
Sophie Egan 10
Joshua Fan 9
Lily Farr 12
Cassie Figueroa 11
Kaitlyn Flowers 9
Liam Forshaw 9
Jack Gerden 10
Jacqueline Giftos 9
Sofia Gomez 9
Evan Goodgee 9
Charles Harris 10
Sally Hendrick 9
Taylor Henry 11
Worth Hinshaw 11
Shreyas Iyer 10
Harrison Klingman 9
Perry Knull 9
Charlie Kreissl 12
Cole Lavelle 10
Elaine Liu 9
Maria Llerenas Soto 10
Campbell Loeffler 9
Julia Nielsen 11
Kyleigh Panther 9
Caroline Paschal 9
Madeleine Pease 9
Luke Picciola 11
Mary Catherine Pope 11
Donovan Sanders 9
Mary Schleusner 9
Ruth Shumway 10
Connor Smith 9
Anna Snyder 11
Kate Stenersen 11
Tiana Sullivan 11
Lane Tayloe 11
Casey Thomsen 12
Christina Yang 9
Ethan Zhang 12
Will Zwetolitz 12


  • Head Coach

    Mike Weiss
    Coach Weiss began teaching at Latin in August 1990 and has coached continuously since, with stints in Middle School Soccer and Varsity and JV Boys’ Basketball, before focusing on cross country (beginning in 2004) and track (beginning in 2006). He has 6 conference championships and 14 state championships to his credit between cross country and boys and girls’ track. Weiss received the Steve Howard Excellence in Coaching award (2014) and the Hawskpys Coach of the Year award (2008 and 2018), and he was selected as a Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach National Award Winner (2018). Coach Weiss also teaches Upper School history.

  • Assistant Coach
    Sinthayeu Taye
    Coach Taye joined Charlotte Latin’s Admissions staff in 2017 and served as an Assistant coach for cross country and track his first year. He will serve as the Head Coach of Track in 2018. Coach Taye ran cross country and track for the University of Virginia where he won an ACC Championship in the 1500m in 2010 and earned All-American honors.
  • Assistant Coach
    Louise Hindal
    After graduating from Latin in 2008, Hindal earned a degree in computer science from Harvard University and returned to her alma mater to teach in 2014. In addition to teaching, she is the Upper School Educational Technology Coordinator and assists both Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Cross Country teams under her former coach, Mike Weiss.
  • Assistant Coach
    Deborah Reinsel
    Coach Reinsel earned her B.A. in history from Davidson College and taught at Latin before pursuing her M.A. at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She returned to Latin in August 2017 as an Upper School history teacher and an assistant coach for the Varsity Cross Country teams.


Boys’ NCISAA Championships: 1979, 1980
Girls’ CISAA Championships:
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2016
Girls’ NCISAA Championships:
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

All-Conference (Boys')

2017 – Rob Schleusner
2016 – Matt Padgett (1st team), Rob Schleusner (2nd team)
2015 – Adam Bear, Matt Padgett, Jack Ratterree (1st team); Noah Berens, Rob Schleusner (2nd team)
2014 – Jay Kane, Jack Ratterree
2013 – Madison Jaulin, Fran Kenny, Jack Ratterree
2012 – Madison Jaulin, Mark McAlister
2011 – Mark McAlister
2010 – Mark McAlister
2009 – Jack Amory, Peter Lewis

All-Conference (Girls')

2017 – Ellie Beuley, Marion Donald (1st team); Mary Catherine Pope (2nd team)
2016 – Lilly Hallock, Marion Donald (1st team); Ellie Beuley, Mary Catherine Pope (2nd team)
2015 – Kiera Dowell (1st team); Ellie Beuley (2nd team)
2014 – Kiera Dowell
2013 – Kiera Dowell, Sophie Lovett, Katie McDowell, Tricia Murphy
2012 – Kiera Dowell, Laura Gill, Katie McDowell, Tricia Murphy, Hannah Smith
2011 – Laura Gill, Katie McDowell, Tricia Murphy, Claire Pace, Hannah Smith
2010 – Haylee Dawe, Ally Finical, Laura Gill, Katie McDowell, Tricia Murphy, Hannah Smith, Kameron Spence
2009 – Haylee Dawe, Ally Finical, Laura Gill, Hannah Smith, Kameron Spence


2016 – Lilly Hallock
2015 – Matt Padgett, Jack Ratterree
2014 – Jack Ratterree
2013 – Jack Ratterree, Sophie Lovett
2011 – Laura Gill, Tricia Murphy
2010 – Haylee Dawe, Ally Finical, Laura Gill, Tricia Murphy, Kameron Spence
2009 – Haylee Dawe, Ally Finical, Hannah Smith, Kameron Spence

Collegiate Commitments

2017 – Lilly Hallock, Baylor University
2016 – Kiera Dowell, Middlebury College
2014 – Sophie Lovett, Denison University
2014 – Tricia Murphy, Sewanee
2014 – Christian White, Stanford University
2013 – Mark McAlister, Sewanee
2011 – Ally Finical, University of Miami
2011 – Kameron Spence, UNC Chapel Hill
2010 – Liza Fortenberry, Brevard
2009 – Ashley Miess, UNC Chapel Hill
2008 – Hilary Dawe, Centre College