Upper School


In Upper School a student's musical education increases in sophistication where the nuances of various musical styles are studied. Phrasing and harmonies used in major works are examined against the backdrop of history, deepening student understanding, and appreciation for stylistic differences and further developing the student's own musical taste.

Student music groups include:

  • Choral Groups
  • Bands
  • String Ensembles
  • Pep Band

Exceptional student musicians may also be inducted into the TRI-M Music Honor Society.


Upper School students attend workshops and competitions and present four annual productions. Upper School students also may participate in technical theater that includes an introduction to production, lighting, sound, stage management, costume design, and set design.

Students refine their acting and production talents by presenting fully-staged works, such as the fall play and a mid-year musical, which features orchestral accompaniment and professional choreography, costumes, and sets.  Seniors may also participate in a capstone film project.

Annual productions include:

  • Upper School Fall Play
  • Upper School Musical
  • Senior Film Festival

Visual Art

By Upper School, student mastery of basic techniques and appreciation of classic forms allows for the pursuit of projects based on their individual talents and interests. Latin's art teachers guide student exploration and ask each young artist to approach each project with curiosity, take artistic risks, and deeply explore their areas of interest.

Creative Writing

At Latin, writing is an academic skill and an art form of self-expression. Writing instruction spans all grades and all academic disciplines reinforce best practices.

Beginning with instruction to establish a strong foundation in grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, Latin's teachers guide students as they progress to successively higher levels of exploration of literary forms and writing styles.

Creative writing exercises are woven into writing instruction at every grade level, from Lower School students' diary entries to publication of the Blue Review literary magazine by Upper School students. Writing students learn through special workshops that include Alumni authors, professional poets, published authors, peer collaboration, and public reading and performance skills.

Latin offers clubs and events that spotlight creative writing:

  • Creative Writing Club
  • Performance Poetry Club
  • Blue Review Literary Magazine and Coffee House
  • Open-Mic Readings