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With more than 80% of our student population participating in the Arts, Latin offers something for everyone.

Visual Arts

Charlotte Latin’s nationally recognized Visual Arts program is part of the fabric of our daily life. Artwork lines the hallways and fills the shelves, becoming a backdrop so familiar in our buildings we are often surprised by visitor’s reactions. Our students study the displays as our art department regularly “installs” new collections to find a favorite project or comment on the historical significance of the project.

Our Lower School Art curriculum is intentionally crafted and developed. Students learn form, style and technique through instruction. Leaving no stone unturned, our teachers incorporate the origin of the art form, the time and period from whence it comes, and biographical or cultural information about the artist or the culture. With such thorough, but age appropriate, review, our students develop a strong sense of design, color, and texture, with no fear to explore or try new things.

As students progress through Latin’s art program, they bring an acumen and skill set unique to such a wide array of students. In Middle and Upper School, where students can choose electives, Art is always hugely popular. In eighth grade, students independently design their course in the visual arts and are free to sculpt, paint, draw, design, or photograph any subject area and in any genre they find interesting. With input from the teachers, students continue to develop techniques and style but they are not bound by a conventional or prescribed course of study. This freedom to explore creates a type of student leadership and engagement that regularly results in regionally and nationally acclaimed work.

Performing Arts

It all begins in Lower School with our experiential approach to music and theater. Our youngest students learn foundational concepts--rhythm, melody, expression, genre--through singing, dancing, and playing. Young actors develop through imaginative storytelling.  As children grow through the program, they are offered appropriate performing opportunities, including our signature Grandparents’ Day program.  Guest artist presentations on campus reinforce classroom concepts. 

As a bridge to Middle and Upper School programs, band and stringed instruments are introduced in Grade 5. Fourth and fifth grade students also present an age appropriate musical each year.  

Band, Orchestra, Choir courses are the foundation of the Middle and Upper School Music program.  There are many group and solo performing opportunities.  The Theater program is designed to develop imagination, physical presence, and the skilled use of the voice through ensemble playing and script analysis.  Seniors may participate in a capstone film project.  

Creative Writing 

Creative Writing at Charlotte Latin has its foundation in the strong reading and writing skills and inspiring knowledge of great works of literature that our English teachers cultivate in our students. Building on writing skills formed in Lower and Middle School, students rising into Upper School have the opportunity to attend an Inspired Young Authors writing workshop to learn about Creative Writing opportunities in the Upper School and to begin to write stories, poems, and essays suitable for the many writing competitions in which Upper School students participate.

When students are in Upper School, the Creative Writing Club offers them leadership opportunities, writing workshops, open mic readings, and community-building meetings for our students to grow as writers and public speakers and to develop mentoring relationships with other young writers. In addition, our alumni regularly return in person and virtually to encourage our young writers.

Our students have won the top Scholastic American Voices and Gold Medal awards of our nation's longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for teen writers. Our students have also been published at the regional, national, and international levels for a wide variety of creative writing including scholarly critical essays, personal essays, scripts for stage or screen, flash fiction, short story, and poetry. Our award-winning school magazine Blue Review is completely student-produced. From the layout and design to the writing and imagery, Blue Review is a shining example of how Charlotte Latin values the arts, collaboration, and student achievement. 

Speech & Debate 

Learn more about our nationally recognized Speech & Debate team.


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Read About Alumni in the Arts

Alumni in the Arts

Arts alumni are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Honors & Awards in the Arts

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Speech and Debate

Latin Arts Association

LAA is the umbrella organization that supports, enhances, and promotes the arts community at Latin, including: 

  • Choral and Instrumental Music
  • Creative Writing
  • Speech & Debate
  • Theater Arts
  • Visual Arts


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