Charlotte Latin alumni have experiences and passions to share, some of which were inspired by the Latin Community. Now alumni can inspire the next generation of Latin students and young alumni by participating in LatinRedde, which is sponsored by the CLS Alumni Governing Board.

LatinRedde, which incorporates the Latin 'redde' meaning 'to give back' and 'restore', is a new set of programs connecting Latin students and alumni. The first two LatinRedde initiatives are Life after Latin and LatinWorks.

Life After Latin is an opportunity for alumni to share their knowledge, experiences, and passions with students. Alumni can present to a class, be a guest coach, or speak with a student club. Alumni are invited to return to campus, virtually or in person, to share what they care about with the next generation.

LatinWorks is a program that connects students with alumni for internships, job shadowing, and volunteer opportunities. Young alumni who need that first job or internship, and alumni who need interns or great candidates, can connect through LatinWorks.

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