Setting MyLatin Alerts

Subscriptions and Alerts
MyLatin is your one-stop shop for the information you need to navigate Latin as a parent. We've organized the Parent Portal to make your user experience more intuitive and straightforward. We've also made it clearer to see how and where to set up alerts.

The Beauty of Alerts

You control what alerts you receive and how (email or text) you receive them. Alerts can be set to ping you when news is posted, a practice is scheduled or an event is posted on the calendar. You can set a wide range of school alerts including grade level news, athletics (calendar and practice), division news, and all-school news and announcements.

If you have set alerts in the past, it's important that you review and reset your alerts for the new school year*.

There are two types of alerts – News alerts and Calendar alerts.
How to set NEWS alerts:

Anywhere you see the alert bell, you may set and manage subscriptions and alerts from that location.

How to check, update and/or remove your existing alerts:

Once logged in to MyLatin:

  • Hover over or click on your name in the top left corner and click Profile.
  • Click the Subscriptions tab. Within that window you will see the News Alerts option.
  • Click Settings to adjust the News Alerts you wish to receive.
How to set CALENDAR alerts:

On the Parent Portal, click Calendars. Once on the All School Calendar, choose the Calendar Tools button. Then choose Calendar Alerts and check the calendars for which you would like to receive updates.

To subscribe to alerts for an Athletics Team, go to any Team Page and click the orange bell icon under the "Schedule" tab.

To REMOVE a Calendar from your iCal:

  • Open the Calendars app from your phone
  • Tap on “Calendars” in the bottom menu (should be in the center, depending on your device)
  • Uncheck the calendars you don’t want.
  • Tap “Done” in the top right corner

We strongly suggest that all parents sign up for the following:

• Parent News
• Alerts specific to your child's grade and division
• Alerts specific to your child's activities, e.g., athletics

*If you have signed up for alerts at the grade (6-11) or division level in the past, you must update those alerts to match your preferences for the new school year. For example, if your child was in Grade 10 in 2019-2020, you will want to unsubscribe from "Grade 10 Info" and subscribe to "Grade 11 Info."