Student Leadership

Charlotte Latin Leads with Honor is our leadership development program creating opportunities for all members of the school community to practice and develop leadership skills. It is the people participating who define the leadership experience, not the materials or the activity itself – which leads to highly dynamic, unique learning.

“This is a program that is all about the people, the participants. While it is an intentional program, it is not a prescribed program. It is about everyday citizen leadership. It is culture and not curriculum.”
– Ann Brock, Director

Charlotte Latin Leads with Honor seeks to engage everyone in the Latin family. Being people-based, the program works optimally when there is collaboration – between students, teachers, parents, alumni and the larger community. This collaboration builds connections and collective learning experiences where all participants learn and grow together. Community building and trust are key components of the program and through a common leadership language, all students and constituents in the community have access to leadership opportunities.

Charlotte Latin Leads with Honor is based on a framework with four areas:

  • Honors Self
  • Honors Others
  • Honors Learning
  • Honors Leading

Leadership was an important component of our Founders’ vision for Charlotte Latin - it was a non-negotiable – and it remains part of our mission statement and Core Values today. Because leadership is inculcated in our school culture, Latin Leads with Honor highlights many leadership attributes our students already demonstrate.

More about Leadership at Latin

Mary Yorke Oates
Director of Admissions