College Counseling

At Charlotte Latin we are proud that our students learn to think creatively, explore interests and prepare for success in college and beyond.

Our Approach

Our approach to college counseling is student-centered, with seminars in grades nine through 12. Formal counseling sessions start mid-year in grade 11 and continue through grade 12. Counselors get to know each student through a wide variety of means including one-on-one meetings, group meetings, interactions with their teachers and coaches, grade-level events and participation in service and affinity groups.

Counselors’ extensive knowledge of Latin’s curriculum, colleges and universities, and each student’s individual course of study provide an individualized experience.

Latin’s counselors guide students and their families through the steps of the college admission process. We ensure that every student is well-positioned for the process through advising that begins in grade nine. Upper School students work directly with their college counselors and academic mentors during the course registration process, selecting classes that are appropriate to foster a sound learning progression and a platform for continued success
after Latin.

In addition, counselors support, educate and inform students on standardized testing, the formal application process (including how to best present themselves), essay writing and interview skills. Counselors also write detailed, personal recommendations for their students and advise on students’ additional letters of recommendation, ensuring that each student’s unique talents are highlighted.

Our Team

Our team of experts includes three full-time counselors, two essay specialists, a registrar,
and a full-time assistant.

With a strong sense of purpose, the team visits college campuses, promoting Charlotte Latin students and nurturing enduring relationships. Counselors attend topical conferences and are active members of professional college counseling associations and groups. They seek out relationships with peer colleagues and jointly host group-sponsored events for Latin parents and other Charlotte-area independent school parents on financial aid, college athletics, fine and performing arts, and a case studies event for grade 10 parents and students.

Meet our Counselors and More

Mary Yorke Oates
Director of Admissions