Rolling Admissions

What does Rolling Admissions mean?

Rolling Admissions permits families of students in Grades 1-11 to submit a partial application if the January 15, 2020, deadline has passed. We are fully enrolled for 2019-20 year.

What can an applicant submit during Rolling Admissions?

  • online application
  • testing
  • teacher recommendations
  • transcripts

What is the process of Rolling Admissions?

Once the first round of applicants has been processed, the Admissions Team will activate rolling applications if space becomes available. If space becomes available, we will invite the student for a visit day to complete the application process.

Rolling files do not roll over to the next calendar year; a new application must be submitted.

When will we be notified?

All 2020-2021 rolling decisions will be reached by June 1, 2020.

What can I do now?

Teacher working with student