Latin is committed to meet the needs of a 21st Century school through generous resources, in terms of teachers, infrastructure, and equipment.

Throughout the School, age-appropriate technology enhances and extends the student's learning experience. Technology at Latin includes the extensive resources of our Library, a one-to-one iPad program, and a robust Digital Literacy program that starts in Lower School.

Knight-Dickson Library

The Knight-Dickson Library serves the needs of the students and teachers, from encouraging students to read for pleasure to teaching how to access research materials.

Latin’s five librarians work closely with the teachers to support the TK to twelfth grade curriculum. A full-time librarian is assigned to each of the School’s three divisions, in addition to an assistant librarian for the Lower School.

Information Literacy classes begin in Lower School. Students learn to be effective and discriminating users of information and are taught research strategies that will serve them in throughout their educational journey.

The Lower School Library operates on a fixed schedule, teaching 25 classes each week integrating into the Lower School curriculum.

The Upper and Middle School Library works on a flexible schedule, designed to accommodate instructional needs of teachers while allowing students use of the Library’s resources for research, class projects, and homework.

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The Knight-Dickson Library houses a vast array of print and electronic resources. More than 30,000 titles are available. Students and parents also may access many online databases, encompassing thousands of periodicals and reference books, from the school or home. Desktop and laptop computers are available to support classes or individual students.

The Library at a glance:

  • Online research databases including EBSCO Discovery Search, Gale Virtual Library, and JSTOR
  • An iMac lab in the Lower School Library
  • 60 MacBooks in the Middle and Upper School Library
  • Monthly book clubs in each division
  • Five librarians who are always willing to help and answer questions

The library is open from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday–Friday. Lower and Middle School students must be accompanied by a parent after 3:10 p.m.

Digital Citizenship

Beginning in Lower School, students are taught how to be good digital citizens and how Honor Above All translates can be applied to digital behavior.

Expert speakers and other educational opportunities are offered to parents that support the Parent-School partnership and highlight ways parents can help establish and reinforce good digital behavior at home.

The Family Technology Task Force works with the school to provide relevant and useful information to parents and the larger Charlotte community.