Student Leadership Development

Leadership was an important part of Latin's Founders' vision for the school in 1970, and it continues to be a Core Value.

For our students to excel at Latin and in life, it is essential for them to develop and exercise leadership skills and behaviors. As part of the fiber of Charlotte Latin, leadership is taught and practiced throughout our classrooms and in our community. Starting in Lower School with our Leads with Honor program, students have the opportunity to learn and live out their leadership potential at every step of the Latin experience.

Our unifying framework for leadership development is the Portrait of a Latin Leader, which supports our community as it idealizes and discerns a common language for leadership. We encourage all members of our community to explore the Portrait in-depth and see its connection to teaching and learning.

At Latin, we want to ensure that every student has the opportunity to practice the behaviors associated with socially responsible and ethical leadership. Servant leadership is central to our school’s mission and values, and we hope that every student here builds their capacity for leading, regardless of their positional role. Beyond our covered walkways, we aim for our students to positively contribute to the dialogue and to create more flourishing communities of good.

David-Aaron Roth, Director of Student Leadership Development

Lower School

Middle School

Upper School

McIntosh Leadership Center

Centrally located in the heart of campus, the McIntosh Leadership Center serves as a “hub” for students of all grade levels. It is a destination for students to learn, collaborate, and grow as leaders in our Latin community and in Charlotte. It features a dedicated, collaborative space for the Leadership Development program, a dedicated space for senior lounging, and a student commons area with a cafe for all members of the community to meet and connect.