Global Studies

2019-20 Summer Travel Opportunities


Culture and Communication, June 2020; 6-week immersion: June-July 2020


Leadership and Service: late June 2020

Prague & Berlin

Tying History Together: June 2020


Science and Service in the Galapagos Islands: June 2020


ISCA England (Middle School): July 2020


Girls' Soccer (rising grades 9-12): June 2020


Authentic Italy: Art, Literature and Culture Off the Beaten Path: June 2020


Culture and Language Immersion in Sevilla, Spain: June 2020

South Africa

Long-term exchange opportunity for 2-4 students:
St. Anne’s Diocesan School/Hilton College in South Africa: 6 weeks, Mid-July – August 2020

Traveling to Spain and experiencing the language within the culture gave my studying the language a totally new meaning. When I came back, Spanish wasn't just another class to me. The trip inspired me to learn more Spanish.

Upper School Spanish Student

Global Studies Mission

The mission of the Global Studies Department at Charlotte Latin School is to cultivate global mindfulness in our students as citizens who value both the commonalities and differences among peoples.

Students will develop awareness, respect, and appreciation for their local community which extends to the greater world, while practicing civility and the skills required of global leaders meeting the challenges of the 21st Century.

On Campus & In Classrooms

Global Studies brings the world to Latin! Hosting students from our international sister schools is a way all Latin students can learn first-hand about different cultures, languages and people.

Student visitors are hosted with Latin families while they are here, extending the learning experience beyond our campus.

Latin's student body reflects the global community, with students from every continent except Antarctica represented.

The Global Studies program includes:

  • Model U.N. for Middle and Upper School Students
  • Guest Lecturers from around the world. Past speakers include Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Chinese poet Bao Din and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Dith Pran.
  • Special Area Classes, e.g., World Music units
  • Skyping with native speakers
  • Global Partners Program
  • Passport Program in Lower School
  • Humanities and International Night in Middle School
  • Model U.N.
  • Virtual Collaborations in Enrichment
  • Engineering Projects for African Villages
  • Discourse in Classes, e.g., World Religions, World History, Model U.N.

Across the Globe

Students in both Middle and Upper School have the opportunity to participate in Global Travel Experiences taking them all around the world. Options include exchanges with our sister schools, service learning travel, athletics trips, and longer study abroad terms with outside programs.

Recent trips include:

  • South Africa: Sister School & Service
  • Italy: Sister School & Art History
  • Nicaragua: Service
  • China: Model U.N. & Forensics
  • Costa Rica (Middle School)
  • Trinidad/Tobago: Soccer
  • Netherlands: Field Hockey
  • Spoleto, Italy: Arts Programs
  • Senior Year Abroad

Faculty Development

Teachers are our most valuable resource and Latin supports faculty development through travel. When teachers travel they bring their experiences back to their classrooms, engaging students in ways beyond text book learning.

Recent trips include:

  • Sevilla, Spain: AP Training
  • France: International Engineering Conference
  • Argentina: Lower School teachers' trip to build relationship with Sister School
  • South Africa: Biology Studies
Sister Schools

Beginning over 35 years ago, Charlotte Latin cultivated and formed long-standing relationships with a variety of sister schools across multiple continents. Currently, Latin has ties to seven sister schools:

  • Colegio de Marin in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Luzhou Laojiao Tianfu Middle School in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, China
  • Sainte Marie Grand LeBrun in Bordeaux, France
  • Jugenddorf Christophorusschule in Oberurff, Bad Zwesten, Germany
  • Istituto Russell Guastalla in Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Hilton College in Lion's River Magisterial District, KwaZula Natal, South Africa
  • St. Anne's Diocesan College, Hilton, South Africa

Why Global Studies?

Global Studies at Charlotte Latin is an extension of our Core Values — our program is about people and building relationships. Forging bonds built on mutual respect and understanding are a hallmark of a Latin education and this extends into our Global Studies program, where long-standing relationships with sister schools across the globe form the cornerstone of the program.

Questions? Email Kelly Willis, Director, or call 704-841-7461

Dozens of students each year travel to Latin from Argentina, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and South Africa. Exchange students stay for a few weeks or up a full year with host Latin families. These students attend classes, meet their Latin peers, and tour our city and state. Latin students interact with these groups, learning about and celebrating cultural similarities and differences.

Charlotte Latin Global Studies offers similar opportunities to students to travel to our Sister Schools as well as trips to Costa Rica, England, and many other countries.

Latin's Global Studies program also brings global learning and awareness to campus through innovative curriculum and technology.

Teachers are supported through professional development to travel and bring their experiences back into their classrooms.

At the end of the day, it's about people. Connections. Building relationships. At any moment we have access to the world at our fingertips, yet we are at the same time increasingly disconnected from one another. Our Global Experiences have relationship building at the core. Opening your home to exchange students, sharing a meal with your host family abroad, working together in service to others, supporting your classmates on a group trip abroad — that's Global Studies.

Kelly Willis, Director of Global Studies

Spotlight: Serving as a Host Family

The Tune sisters with their Italian sister
(second from the right), August 2017.

Interview with Jane Tune, Parent ’16, ’21, ’26

Why does your family host exchange students?
Having an exchange student is the easiest and least expensive way to bring the world to your home and your children. Having a student from another country in our home has encouraged great conversations, and has opened our children's eyes to different languages, lifestyles, food, travel, and traditions.

How long has your family been hosting?
Six years. We've hosted since our first year at Latin in 2012.

What do you wish other families knew about hosting?
How much fun it is to host and how your family will bond and create great memories from simply inviting a student into your home. You will also meet other great Latin families whom you may not otherwise get to know, as we all host these students together.

2019-20 Hosting Opportunities

Host Family Opportunities:

Italy: September 9 - September 20, 2019
Argentina: Late February 2020 (specifics TBD)
France: April 20 - May 1, 2020

Spotlight: Faculty Development

Fourth-grade teacher, Kate Hughey, has been collecting gently used children's books for needy students in Moldova for years. This past year she was recognized by the World Affairs Council of Charlotte as a 2017-18 Council Scholar. Hughey was awarded $2,500 which she used to fund a trip to Moldova to meet with teachers at our partner school, Mihai Emenescu Lyceum, in Chisinau.

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