Highly-skilled teachers, outstanding facilities, and a supportive school community are all focused on the success of each child’s educational journey.

Through coordination among the Lower, Middle, and Upper School divisions, Latin's curriculum is designed so that each successive grade adds to our students’ mastery of skills. While Latin has high expectations for our students, we believe in educating the whole child and in providing a balanced learning environment that promotes the growth of each student's mind, body, and spirit.

Throughout the school we encourage learning through problem-solving and project-based learning. Soft skills such as time management, teamwork, and resilience are woven throughout the curriculum and specifically reinforced through Middle School's Emotional Intelligence curriculum and Latin Leads with Honor, our school-wide leadership develop program.

Latin's flexible curriculum and expert teachers work together, allowing each child to be appropriately challenged and supported. Our academic program prepares our students to succeed in college by providing growth-promoting opportunities that foster a lifelong love of learning while our social/emotional curriculum, with a focus on service, prepares students to become active and engaged participants in life.

Curriculum Vision Statements

Curriculum Vision Statements define a common direction and inspire everyone to work together to reach these goals.

Cum Laude Society

  • Charlotte Latin is the youngest school to have received a Cum Laude chapter.
  • The society honors scholastic achievement at secondary schools.
  • Cum Laude is similar to Phi Beta Kappa, which honors scholastic achievement at the university level.
Student reading in class