Latin Fellows

Program Overview

Latin Fellows is designed to give one year of guidance, training and experience to recent college graduates considering teaching as a career.

Latin Fellows provides novice educators the opportunity to develop their pedagogical skills in a supportive environment while maintaining a great degree of responsibility and independence.

Latin Fellows are not considered interns or student teachers; rather, they are treated as colleagues within their departments as they teach in Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School classroom settings under the mentorship of expert teachers. Within the program, the Latin Fellows team works alongside an experienced co-teacher. With support and guidance from the expert teacher, Fellows progressively assume increased ownership of the classroom teaching experience. Fellows have many opportunities to contribute to the school community and for personal and professional development. Examples may include sponsoring a club, coaching, attending conferences, and international travel. Applications for Fellows' positions are reviewed for all academic departments and divisions.

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Sonja Taylor

Sonja Taylor, Assistant Head of School for K–12 Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, and Strategic Initiatives

At Latin, everyone genuinely cares about me as a person and wants me to succeed.

Donay Fullwood,
Middle School Math & Basketball Coach