Health Services

Charlotte Latin Health Services provide comprehensive care to all Latin students and staff. Two full-time registered nurses provide health assessments, emergency care for illness and injury, administer medications and identify students with special needs.


Dawn Hull, RN


Jean Asinger, RN, MSN

Nurses are available Monday–Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m., to answer any health related concerns or questions.

Dawn Hull, RN, and Jean Asinger, RN, MSN

Nut Product Allergy Policy

Providing a safe environment for students with food allergies must be observed by all constituents of the Charlotte Latin community. The parents of any student who has a food allergy of any type must make the School aware of this health condition and provide an Allergy Action Plan. To ensure student safety, no food containing peanuts/nut products may be served at Charlotte Latin School by faculty, staff, parents, or students to any other person. No foods may be consumed in the classrooms that contain nut/nut products. Founders’ Hall and Shelton Hall will still serve food products that contain nut/nut products, which will be identified by signs. Students may bring lunches that contain nut/nut products.

Please note that foods that do not contain visible nuts may contain traces of nuts in other forms (e.g. oils, flour, butter, and meal). It is important to read the labels of any foods that are brought into School to be shared with others. Manufacturers change packaging and processing, so please read the ingredient label of your chosen snack, making sure that it does not contain any of the following: peanuts/nuts, peanut/nut butter, peanut/nut oil, peanut/nut flour, peanut/nut meal, or any of the statements, “May contain traces of peanuts/nut” or “Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanut (and/or other nuts).”

For a current list of commonly available nut-free snacks, you may access the Snack Safety website, which is updated every three months.