The 21st Century world requires computer literacy, and Charlotte Latin has committed generous resources, in terms of teachers, infrastructure, and equipment, to meet our students’ needs. Supported by a gigabit fiber optic Ethernet backbone that showcases state-of-the-art technology, the School integrates computers into the curriculum across all subject areas and grade levels. Computer access is available in every building on campus via more than 600 computer stations, and a variety of computer science courses are taught, further enhancing our students’ mastery of computer skills. Charlotte Latin also provides Internet access for students. Student use of these resources is permitted only when it is required for academic or approved extracurricular activities at Charlotte Latin School.

The ethical use of computer-based information is stressed at Charlotte Latin. Students in grades three through twelve and their parents sign a Digital Citizenship Policy to ensure that the guidelines are understood. In addition, the School utilizes Internet content filtering software to restrict students’ access to inappropriate material.

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