Membership in this organization shall include any parent or any person in loco parentis of a child or children enrolled in the School. The purpose of Parents' Council shall be to support the Board of Trustees, the Headmaster and the faculty, to utilize the talents and services offered by the parents of the children enrolled, and to enhance the interests of the parents in their children's educational environments.

The focus of Parents' Council committees can be divided into four areas: Fellowship, Service, Communication and Fundraising, with much crossover among those areas. Parents' Council activities are coordinated and carried out by the group's officers and board members. The Parents' Council Board, made up of the officers, committee chairmen and committee liaisons, generally meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Parents' Council Forum. Questions or concerns regarding the Parents' Council should be addressed to the Parents' Council President or the appropriate committee chairperson. Participation in Parents' Council is encouraged.

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