Athletic Development


The goal of Charlotte Latin's Athletic Development Program is to produce well-rounded athletes by teaching teens correct movement patterns, improving mobility, implementing injury-prevention exercises, and instilling a sense of responsibility for one's health and longterm well-being.

Program Structure

The athletic development program is open to all Charlotte Latin students in grades 8-12 who are interested in enhancing overall athletic performance. The program is designed to improve the total level of fitness in base movements required by a variety of sports by developing strength, agility, speed, flexibility and endurance. In addition, athletes can work with trainers to develop targeted exercises to focus on a defined goal or sport-specific need.

Student Training

You don't need to be on a sports team to participate in the athletic development program. Using a phased approach, students are introduced to each exercise within the program and trainers work with individuals to ensure proper form and graduated increases in resistance. Students are always supervised and trainers encourage and support them to set and achieve goals. Contact program director David Paige to set up a time and your program.

In-Season Athletes

Ideally, in-season athletes will be in the athletic development program with their team during a coach-designated schedule. Many of Latin's coaches take advantage of the program to enhance their athletes' in-season performance. Athletes whose team does not have an in-season program can sign up to come in during a free period, or before or after school, as available. Contact program director David Paige to set up a time and your program.

Out-of-Season Athletes

Athletes often see big gains in all areas of athletic development during off-season training. Our trainers have created a phased approach that allows each athlete to progress at his/her pace while including exercises specific to his/her sport(s). All out-of-season athletes are encouraged to contact program director David Paige to set up a regular schedule for supervised training.

The training center is open to students 3:10-5:30 p.m. on school days, and as available by appointment.

Athletic Development Staff

David Paige - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Coach Paige has been a member of Charlotte Latin's athletic department since 2005, serving initially as the assistant wrestling coach and helping lead the team to six state championships. During that time, Coach Paige also worked to grow Team Paige Fitness, a personal training service that he founded in 2002 when he moved to Charlotte. Before his move to the south, Coach Paige served five years as the head wrestling coach, strength & conditioning coach, and an assistant football coach at Bishop Hartley High School in Columbus, Ohio - his high school alma mater. Coach Paige is a certified strength & conditioning coach who earned his bachelor's degree in history from Ohio University in 1997.

Email Coach Paige

Patrick Duffy - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Pat joined Charlotte Latin’s coaching staff in 2015 as a member of the varsity football staff, an assistant for the JV boys’ lacrosse team, and a strength and conditioning coach. Well-known as Duffy on the Latin campus, Pat graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in biology and went on to earn his doctorate in physical therapy from George Washington University. Before relocating to Charlotte in 2015, Pat served five years as the head football coach at Potomac School while teaching Accelerated Biology and Anatomy and Physiology. Now the co-owner of Apex Athletix Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, Pat is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is working toward a manual therapy specialist certification.

Whitney Headrick - Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Whitney began working part time at Charlotte Latin in 2015 and enjoys helping students reach their full athletic potential safely. She has a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science from the University of Georgia, and a doctorate in physical therapy from George Washington University. Whitney worked as a physical therapist at OrthoVirginia physical therapy in Fairfax, VA, before moving to Charlotte and establishing Apex Athletix Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. Whitney is certified in integrated dry needling and Graston technique (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization), and is in the process of completing a manual therapy specialization and certification as a strength and conditioning specialist.

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