Athletic Program Philosophy

Letter from the Athletic Director

Letter from the Athletic Director

Dear Hawks’ Fans,

Charlotte Latin is proud of the accomplishments of our student athletes, both on and off the field. The Hawks’ respected reputation is based upon our tradition of producing competitive teams who exemplify the highest standards of good sportsmanship. We like to win, but we like to win with honor.

Our School also places great emphasis on participation and balance. Our students are encouraged to participate in at least one sport, and more than 80% of them in grades seven through twelve do. Many participate in more than one sport. However, we always remember that our athletes are students first, and that their enthusiasm for their athletic endeavors must neither hinder their commitment to their academic responsibilities, nor prevent them from pursuing other aspects of school life.

The foundation for our athletic program is the relationships our coaches create with their student athletes. Our coaching staff is comprised of a combination of full-time coaches, as well as faculty and staff members with expertise in particular sports and part-time coaches who add experience and depth to our program. These professionals are responsible for modeling the type of behavior we expect from our student athletes, and for helping them to achieve their personal best.

We invite you to join us in cheering for the Hawks!

David Gatoux

Athletic Department Mission Statement

The athletic program at Charlotte Latin School is designed to challenge students to become the best they can be while providing opportunities for social interaction, an outlet for wholesome competition, and a rewarding educational experience.

CISAA Sportsmanship Code

The CISAA Sportsmanship Code was created during a meeting of CISAA student athletes and advisors. The code is as follows:

The STUDENT-ATHLETES of the CISAA believe that good sportsmanship is essential at each athletic contest in which we participate. The ENVIRONMENT in which the game takes place should be welcoming. SPECTATORS for each competing team should behave graciously and with dignity and show great respect for the opposing team, the game officials, and the athletic facilities. PLAYERS should compete honorably and with self-control striving to share their love of the game with their teammates and the opposing players. COACHES should model appropriate game decorum, foster fair play among their players, and advocate for their team in a proper manner. The ADMINISTRATION for each competing school must ultimately take every measure possible to create an atmosphere of sportsmanship. EVERYONE present has a personal responsibility for upholding these ideals of true sportsmanship.

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