Creative Writing

"I write in order to know what I think." - Flannery O'Connor

Charlotte Latin teaches writing as an academic skill and as an art form of self expression. Latin's writing instruction focuses upon writing across the curriculum, so that all academic disciplines are engaged and reinforce best practices. Beginning with instruction to establish a strong foundation in grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, the faculty guides students as they progress to successively higher levels of exploration of literary forms and writing styles.

The Blue Review is Charlotte Latin's Upper School literary and arts magazine. The 2017 edition was completely student-created, from selecting the art and writing to designing the layout for each and every page. The lead layout editors found their inspiration for this year’s volume, entitled “Scarlet’s Kingdom,” in senior Paige Davis’ whimsical colored pencil fairy tale. The lead editors worked to become familiar with the layout software and studied basic design principles to bring their concept of Scarlet’s story – and their own journey – to life. It was a process that took them more than eight months of working countless hours after school and often on weekends to complete. They are proud to share “Scarlet’s Kingdom” with you:

Creative writing exercises are woven into writing instruction at every grade level, from Lower School students' diary entries to publication of the Blue Review literary magazine. Middle and Upper School students participate in the Creative Writing Club and the Performance Poetry Club. These clubs offer leadership development opportunities for young writers to lead writing workshops for peers, to work with professional poets in Charlotte and also writers from Charlotte Latin Alumni in the Arts, to collaborate with peers on writing projects, to practice effective public reading and performance skills, to submit their writing to the Blue Review (see above), to host readings during fall and spring semesters, and to help host the Blue Review Coffee House at the end of the year. The goal of Latin's writing program is not only to prepare students to convey information clearly, but also to be able to express their thoughts, emotions, and convictions through the written word.

Each year, our students win regional and national recognition in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. Latin's students have earned multiple Governor's Awards for excellent writing on the regional level as well as multiple American Voices Medals and Gold and Silver Medals on the national level. Our award-winning students also have been published in Scholastic's Best Teen Writing, and have been honored on stage at Carnegie Hall as outstanding young writers.

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