Alumni Leadership

"It is the mission of the Alumni Governing Board to support and sustain the values identified in Charlotte Latin School's core values and mission statement. By recognizing and honoring the School's faculty, our Alumni aspire to create an excellent teaching and learning environment for Latin's current and future students. The Alumni Governing Board also strives to maintain and strengthen ties among its Alumni and their Alma Mater."

- Adopted September 10, 2008

Questions or concerns regarding the Alumni Association should be addressed to the Alumni Governing Board President or to Sally Gray Smith '82, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations.

Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations Sally Gray Smith '82
704.846.7253 or 704.888.HAWK

2016-17 Alumni Governing Board

Executive Committee:

Mr. Charles Thies ’90, President
Mrs. Mary Dickson Gorman ’00, Vice President
Mr. Patrick Rivenbark ’02,Past President

Members at Large:

Mrs. Mary Holland Rankin Griffin ’03
Mr. James Kerr ’85
Mr. Eric Madara ’01
Ms. Lindsey Metzger ’06
Mrs. Kelley Gately Ripp ’98
Mr. Ian Shorkey ’10
Mr. Sean Smith ’96
Ms. Mary Scott Kennedy ’06
Mr. Cowden Rayburn ’07

Charlotte Latin School Class Agents

Class YearName
1974Mrs. Kemilou Kennedy Pomplun
1975Mrs. Jean Trice Deason
1977Mrs. Carol Lomax Fortenberry
Mr. Jeff Goodman
Mrs. Katherine Price Goodman
1978Ms. Robin Waters Griffith
1979Mr. Craig Summerville
1980Mr. Angus McBryde
1981Mrs. Annie Gray Roberts
1983Mrs. Deanie Albright Hanley
1984Mr. Sky Broome
Mrs. Janet Miller Rogers
1985Mr. Paisley Gordon
Mrs. Libby Tate Gordon
1986Mr. Tom Beaty
Mrs. Laurie Barreau Williams
1987Mr. Andy Clark
1988Mrs. Debbie McMahan Frail
Mr. Derek Painter
1989Mr. Tino Bleimann
Mrs. Beth Anderson Pence
1990Mrs. Denny Smith O'Leary
Mrs. Denise Nasekos Pettus
Mrs. Anna Litaker Reimers
1991Mrs. Sally Gallagher Lindsay
Mrs. Kathryn Barnhardt Van Nort
1992Mrs. Kess Connelly Clark
1993Mr. Carlisle Evans
Mr. Cullen McNulty
1994Mrs. Katherine Dickson Crockett
1996Mrs. Peggy Kane Thies
1997Mr. Ben Vandiver
1998Ms. Talia Caligiuri
Mrs. Melissa Schreier Guarnaccia
Dr. Krista Gasbarro Rankin
1999Mr. Sean Farrell
Ms. Karen Ubell
2000Ms. Mary Dickson
Mrs. Jan Scott Swetenburg Farmer
2001Mr. Brick Bryant
Mrs. Anna Stiegel Glass
Ms. Stephanie Hannon
2002Mr. Patrick Rivenbark
Mrs. Ruth Van Dyke Wyatt
2003Mrs. Mary Holland Rankin Griffin
Mr. Hunter Miller
Miss Katie Moody
2004 Mrs. Lizz Clegg Gregg
Mr. Shelton Metcalf
2005Mr. Patrick Fitzpatrick
Mr. William Hodges
2006Mr. Mark Ashcraft
Ms. Salem Gregory
Ms. Ashley Sigmon
2007Ms. Maddie Durrett
Mr. Stuart Kessler
Ms. Brent Price
2008Miss Rachel Barkley
Mr. Obi Okwara
2009Ms. Catie Faison
Ms. Meggie Trusty
2010Ms. Effe Ghartey-Tagoe
Ms. Rachel Kokenes
2011Mr. Michael Grace
Mr. Noland Griffith
Miss Mary Padgett Hawkins
Mr. Daniel Hoilett
Mr. Jalen Ross
Miss Ann Louise Seaton
2012Mr. Ryan Carter
Miss Aseda Ghartey-Tagoe
Mr. Chris Jones
Miss Kathryn Watts
2013Miss Ashley Finke
Mr. Areon Mobasher
Mr. Jacob Nabatoff
Mr. Chris Paschal
Miss Ellie Sheild
2014Mr. Mason LeDonne
Mr. Griffin Smith
Ms. Mary Page Welch
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