Lower School

Equally as important as cognitive development is Latin’s focus on productive social growth. A child’s intellectual growth is supported by an equal emphasis on social, emotional, and physical maturation. Our goal is to promote the development of a self-confident student with a curiosity about the world, respect for other people and cultures, a sense of community, and the ability to think independently. Compromise and cooperation are taught through small group work and play activities. Students learn to appreciate and accept individual differences and to develop the self-control needed to support positive learning.

Parents are kept informed about their child’s progress through telephone calls, email, progress reports, conferences, and special events designed to keep home and School in close touch. The Lower School faculty and administration work in close partnership with parents, encouraging parental participation in classroom activities. This teamwork approach fosters a strong mutual commitment to each child’s learning experience.

Young students’ special needs and endless curiosity are the focus of Latin’s kindergarten program. The kindergarten school day is shorter than the regular day, and classrooms are staffed by one teacher and one assistant, resulting in a low student-teacher ratio that further nurtures small and large group instruction. Students also receive instruction in music and computers once a week and physical education and Spanish, in addition to daily reading, language, and math readiness activities.

Curricular enhancements include field trips, cultural exposure from both parent and community resources, and special art, drama, and science projects.

Our transitional kindergarten program serves children who have been evaluated for kindergarten and who demonstrate strong readiness skills in many areas, but who may need the added benefit of an additional year of social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Modeled on the kindergarten day, these students enjoy the same opportunities for enrichment in physical education, music, library skills, and special trips and celebrations.

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