Philosophy of Education

Charlotte Latin School's goal is to initiate in its students a love of and respect for learning, to help them develop self-discipline, and to encourage creativity. We endeavor to promote an educated and honorable citizen with a command of facts and a mastery of the English language, capable of rational thought, of unequivocal self-expression, and of taking full advantage of any growth-promoting opportunities in life.

The faculty and administration of Charlotte Latin School recognize the importance of working with the parents in trying to meet the needs of each student. We endeavor to establish a rapport with the student in order to help the student obtain a functional and meaningful education. We assist the student in gaining self-respect, as well as respect for the rights and property of others, and in developing and adopting realistic, challenging goals. By attempting to develop each student's self-confidence, self-direction, and character, we assist each student in behaving in a mature and responsible manner.

Emphasis is placed on a strong academic program with a curriculum flexible enough to challenge the capabilities of each student. Charlotte Latin attempts to make its students aware of a range of vocational opportunities and worthwhile avocations.

We offer a program that provides creative outlets for students' physical and emotional energies and that provides opportunities to develop strong bodies, healthful attitudes, and lifetime recreational activities. We encourage active learning through problem-solving techniques and worthwhile and relevant learning experiences in all areas of study, including cooperative and team-based learning.

Charlotte Latin School is committed to an environment of inclusion where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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