Leadership Development

Charlotte Latin School's commitment to leadership development is as old as the institution itself. The School's Founders championed an educational philosophy that calls upon graduates to practice good citizenship, and the Charlotte Latin community consistently focuses on the importance of preparing students to be persons who will lead with honor.

The CLS Mission states that the School offers students "many growth-promoting opportunities" while it calls upon Latin's students to "serve others." Leadership development is a goal of the CLS Strategic Plan, which states "Charlotte Latin students will be inspired to be lifelong learners, independent thinkers, and morally responsible leaders who are committed to contribute to their community and the world."

The School is unifying experiential education activities, global studies, diversity and cultural competence studies, service learning, and an entrepreneurship curriculum with a variety of leadership development opportunities to create a multidisciplinary program that is worthy of the best traditions of a rigorous liberal arts education.

The leadership curriculum guides students through a journey of self-exploration and awareness of others as they learn about themselves, their School community, the Charlotte community, and people around the globe. Each grade level provides age-appropriate instruction and activities to develop each student's skills and to inspire him or her to turn a personal passion into progress through collaboration with others and a commitment to servant leadership. These lessons afford students with a path to practice their leadership skills in their classrooms and organizations, on their teams, and as volunteers. Interested students also have opportunities to participate in elections for official leadership positions.

Charlotte Latin consistently promotes the importance of balance in the education of its students. This concept is often interpreted as providing a curriculum that promotes academics, arts, and athletics. The implementation of "balance" at Latin also means that students are taught the importance of engaging their minds, their hearts, and their hands to prepare for a life well lived.

Charlotte Latin's leadership program is designed to teach the skills, promote the confidence, and encourage the empathy and values to prepare Latin's students for their futures. By leveraging the School's intellectual and physical assets and providing new environments that promote collaboration and creativity, Charlotte Latin is shaping a unique leadership development experience for our students.

Leadership Opportunities

From an elected position such as Student Council president to an individual who sees a need in the community and takes action to address it, each Charlotte Latin student is encouraged and supported as he or she practices leadership in the service of others. Leadership opportunities are interwoven into the curriculum at all grade levels to provide students with amble opportunities to learn leadership skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and implement innovative solutions. As students accept and practice leading, their awareness of the needs of others increases and their confidence in their ability to affect positive change grows.

In addition to classroom activities and individual initiatives, Charlotte Latin students engage in a variety of roles and organizations to develop their leadership skills and to grow as leaders, including:

  • CLS Strategic Plan Goal Teams
  • Hawks Team Captains
  • Lower School Service Club
  • Middle School Honor Council
  • Middle School Service Club
  • MOSAIC Club
  • Student Athlete Leadership Team
  • Upper School Honor Council
  • Upper School Service Club
  • Upper School Student Council

CLS Definition of Student Leadership

Student Leadership occurs when students work to develop a collaborative relationship with those they seek to lead. They do not exert power so much as they empower others by creating an inclusive, mentoring atmosphere where differing opinions and experiences are valued. By selflessly serving others, student leaders influence and inspire others to contribute toward common goals "that best meet the needs of our School community, our nation, and the world."*

*From CLS Core Value of Leadership

CLS Student Leadership Mission Statement

We believe that each Charlotte Latin student possesses the capacity for leadership and can make a positive difference in the life of our School and in service to others.

Accepted by Strategic Plan Goal 4 Team
April 30, 2012

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