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The Balmy Days of Winter

February and January are usually a time of snow days, ice storms, and “late starts.” Instead, I have seen boys and girls in shorts and wind breakers, skipping in and out of the school yard. Outdoor play has been delightful, and the children are engaged in an even more meaningful way with these balmy days of winter. With Chinese New Year, Martin Luther King day, the Inauguration, and our Global Studies focus on Egypt, this time of year is full of great learning opportunities. Our youngest students cement skills and acquire impressive tools for the academic journey ahead. In grades TK through 1, while students read, write and actively engage in math thinking, they also weave current events …

Posted by Mrs. Courtney Wood Oates on Wednesday February 15 at 01:03PM
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Why Start School at 5 and not 4?

Why Five?

We love all children at Charlotte Latin School. As a TK-12 Independent Day school, we cherish the opportunity to work with children ages five to eighteen. And as our Head of School, Arch McIntosh always says, we love all of our students but we often love five year olds and fifteen year olds in different ways!

As parents of young children begin to think about schools today, they have many good choices. Between neighborhood elementary schools, faith-based kindergarten programs, or a wide variety of independent and private schools, there are many options to explore. And while I would love for every parent of a soon to be five-year-old pick Charlotte Latin School as their family’s home …

Posted by Mrs. Susan Carpenter on Thursday September 22, 2016
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Studentship and Ownership

Educators often discuss the significance of developmental readiness as young children begin school. Often more important than letter and number awareness are the skills a child needs to maneuver the school day. Kindergarten teachers deliberately and thoughtfully plan the school year to shape children for school. When our youngest children begin in August, our teachers will help them develop studentship: children will work on patience, stamina, responsibility, independence, mindset and even core strength.

And while this seems obvious for very young children, we often assume once a child successfully completes another year of school, he or she has all the skills needed to be successful. Never …

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Monday June 27, 2016
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The Get Up and Go Part

Returning to School after the holiday break is fun for everyone. One of my favorite things to say to the young children is, “I have missed you so much. The last time I saw you was last year!”

And, to them, about a year has passed since we dismissed directly following a candy soaked-light infused- holiday sing. They bolted out of 2015 with wide-eyed enthusiasm and energy excited about time with brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and neighbors. I am sure they were excited about other wonders and wishes, but honestly, I think the energy was simply contagious: We’re Out of Here and headed into a wide-open holiday.

But as the weeks passed, the events subsided, and the …

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Wednesday January 6, 2016
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Why Latin?

Beginning School

K-12 School. How do we get it right? What is the magical potion of successfully matching so many students with their best college choice year in and year out? How do our students become top-notch academicians who develop critical thinking skills and can write, plan, perform, and progress in a competitive college prep program? And, how do these students then switch gears to dance, sing, act, debate, throw, catch, run, swim, lead, and serve after school?

As Director of Admissions, I am often asked by prospective students applying for Charlotte Latin’s Upper School, how do your students do everything so well? What is the secret? Why Latin?

Like a well-built house, it all starts …

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Monday September 28, 2015
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What I learned in Kindergarten at Charlotte Latin

Life is very lonely at Charlotte Latin. The walls are bare, and the halls are quiet. I miss all my favorite kindergarten and first grade people who have literally disappeared from my very world in the past week. Since last August, I have heard a steady hum of busy bodies just outside my door. On some days, the hum was so loud, I closed my door. Now the silence is louder. It happens every year. They just up and leave. The teachers sneak back in to do this or that, but my little friends who are learning on the other side of the wall have moved upward and onward. And they took their blinking sneakers and colorful tote bags with them. I am all alone thinking about them wondering how giant they …

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Thursday June 11, 2015
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Love Shines Through

At a recent event for prospective parents, Mr. Tayloe, the Head of the Lower School, spoke with passion and candor about what he looks for in a faculty member. He cited how important references, knowledge of subject area, and commitment to developmental appropriateness are but he concluded by saying, "The number one thing I want to know when I hire a teacher is this: does he or she love children?" He went on to say that if a teacher doesn't love children, Charlotte Latin classrooms are not the place for that person.

In many ways that point seems obvious, but for many of us, we remember a teacher or two who didn't love children. I once knew a teacher with an amazing aptitude for …

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Thursday February 12, 2015
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The craziest thing, I never did see

"The craziest thing, I never did see, " are lyrics to a song I think about again and again when I think about Charlotte Latin School's Kindergarten. And while those lyrics are grammatically incorrect and sound much better with an acoustic guitar in the background, they aptly describe the learning that happens during a typical Kindergarten day. Latin's Kindergarten curriculum has meaningful goals: to create a firm readiness foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics; to support positive social and emotional development; to respect differences in individuals; to accept responsibility for self; to encourage a love of learning and doing one's best; and to support our School's core value …

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Thursday December 4, 2014
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Phonics and Frannie the Fan

"Frannie the Fan, Frannie the Fan, /f/,/f/,/f/," recited the fabulous, fantastic, fun first grade class.

The students sat on the colorful carpet, enraptured by their friendly-albeit silly-teacher and were practicing an age old approach to reading.  After all, Charlotte Latin has been committed to phonics instruction for all 44 years the doors have been open.  I knew the drill, because I knew about the colorful posters in the classroom called wall cards. My personal favorites included Harry the Hounddog, Norm the Nose, and Henny the Hen. One of my favorite days of the year is wall card day: that hilarious day when children go all out and dress as their favorite wall card "character".…

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Friday October 3, 2014
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The Single Most Important Thing

Storyboard. What it is? A blog? A bird's eye view? A snapshot of a moment in time at Charlotte Latin School?  Before I was hired to be the new Director of Admissions in late March, I was asked to write a blog  about Charlotte Latin's Lower School, or even more specifically, what many educators call Beginning School.

Parents today are young, sophisticated and clearly read blogs.

Then why did the Charlotte Latin administration ask me to do this as I am neither young nor sophisticated and I can no longer focus on a screen without reading glasses?

I am proud to be a graduate, a current parent, an alumni parent, resident historian, as well as a former field hockey coach and writing teacher…

Posted by Mrs. Mary Yorke Robison Oates on Friday September 19, 2014 at 04:13PM
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